catching up

It has been a while since I posted photos on here so this is a bit of catch up. Most of these are black and white darkroom prints, and a couple polaroids.

The first few were taken in Poland with a Leica IIIc.

catching the train
Sadly she did not catch her train. At the central train station in Warsaw.

toy store
A toy store in Warsaw.

cabin in the woods
A cottage just outside of Warsaw.

half dome
This photo of Half Dome at Yosemite was taken with a Tachihara 4x5 field camera that I had to return after just a short time of use since it had something wrong with it. I'm still on the lookout for another one.

dungeon door
A creepy looking door at the San Francisco Armory.

This is another camera I have been using lately. It's a Yashica Y16. I almost always have this tiny camera with me. You can't get the film cassettes anymore, but it takes 16mm film, so I've been spooling it onto the cassette that was with the camera when I found it.

The last two photos are polaroids taken with my land camera.

porsche 356 convertable

sfmta maid


going historical

I've recently come across some older photographs and slides. Part of this sign are 440 slides taken in Germany and France during the early 1940's. This is during World War 2, although looking at the photos you wouldn't be able to tell that a war was going on. I'm currently in the process of cleaning the glass carriers, and trying to find replacements for the few broken ones. Then I'll start the process of scanning and uploading them.

I also found 8 old family portraits taken at the turn of the last century. I can't be positive with the identity of everyone in the photos, but I'm fairly certain they are of my great great grandparents. They are albumen prints on cardboard. I have created a new Flickr account to post all of these found photographs and slides, and named it going historical. I haven't had a chance to go through all the photographs and slides I've found, so I've got plenty of material that might find it's way onto Flickr. For now check out these turn of the century portraits of my family. There are descriptions under each photograph on the Flickr page.

Man, older woman with flowers


more polaroid

Some more shots from my Polaroid camera. These were taken on my recent trip to Southern California.
stoic seal beach sailing dog in clouds floating window