catching up

It has been a while since I posted photos on here so this is a bit of catch up. Most of these are black and white darkroom prints, and a couple polaroids.

The first few were taken in Poland with a Leica IIIc.

catching the train
Sadly she did not catch her train. At the central train station in Warsaw.

toy store
A toy store in Warsaw.

cabin in the woods
A cottage just outside of Warsaw.

half dome
This photo of Half Dome at Yosemite was taken with a Tachihara 4x5 field camera that I had to return after just a short time of use since it had something wrong with it. I'm still on the lookout for another one.

dungeon door
A creepy looking door at the San Francisco Armory.

This is another camera I have been using lately. It's a Yashica Y16. I almost always have this tiny camera with me. You can't get the film cassettes anymore, but it takes 16mm film, so I've been spooling it onto the cassette that was with the camera when I found it.

The last two photos are polaroids taken with my land camera.

porsche 356 convertable

sfmta maid


going historical

I've recently come across some older photographs and slides. Part of this sign are 440 slides taken in Germany and France during the early 1940's. This is during World War 2, although looking at the photos you wouldn't be able to tell that a war was going on. I'm currently in the process of cleaning the glass carriers, and trying to find replacements for the few broken ones. Then I'll start the process of scanning and uploading them.

I also found 8 old family portraits taken at the turn of the last century. I can't be positive with the identity of everyone in the photos, but I'm fairly certain they are of my great great grandparents. They are albumen prints on cardboard. I have created a new Flickr account to post all of these found photographs and slides, and named it going historical. I haven't had a chance to go through all the photographs and slides I've found, so I've got plenty of material that might find it's way onto Flickr. For now check out these turn of the century portraits of my family. There are descriptions under each photograph on the Flickr page.

Man, older woman with flowers


more polaroid

Some more shots from my Polaroid camera. These were taken on my recent trip to Southern California.
stoic seal beach sailing dog in clouds floating window



My acquisition from the suitcase of inherited cameras is a Polaroid Land Camera 250. The negative battery cable was broken, but after an easy battery mod it was working again. It's taken a bit of playing around to get the exposures right. It still has a tendency to underexpose, but I think I have a hack worked out. mattress laying on hydrant This second shot is a darkroom print from my Canon FTb. I've had this camera for almost a year now, but don't think I've posted anything from it yet. This was taken in Golden Gate Park. plane tree


burning man continued

Below are the rest of my Burning Man photos. The first five are scans from prints, the rest are scans from negatives. You can see the first set here.


lone cone

star seed

bone tree


burning man

Here are my first Burning Man prints. These were taken on a camera I found at a sidewalk sale a photography store nearby had. I really wanted to shoot medium format at Burning Man, but did not want to risk roughing up my Autocord. It is a Balda Gloria made in 1934 in Dresden, Germany. This folder shoots 6x9 medium format (120) film. The bellows had a few pinholes in them, but nothing some RTV sealant couldn't fix. The trickiest thing on this camera is that there is no focus. You simply estimate the distance to your subject, and set the lens to that. Luckily I found this site and made my own paper rangefinder. fishing sunken ship jump choo choo playa jesus carriage the man


lost southeast asia photos

Found some other photos I neglected to upload. These are from my Southeast Asia trip. I also scanned a good amount of my negatives from the trip that can be found here.

bangkok traffic Traffic in Bangkok, Thailand. The skytrain can be seen above.

staring cow This cow was grazing in Duc Hoa, Vietnam, just outside of Ho Chi Minh City.

laughing rower From a trip on a row boat around Ha Long Bay, in northern Vietnam.

ha long bay island One of the many islands in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

sihanoukville beach A beach in Sihanoukville on the coast of Cambodia.



These have been sitting on my hard drive for months. From a trip to Italy I took back in May. All of these are from Rome.

saint peter's dome
Inside Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

waiting for the bus
Taken in Rome, Italy from the steps of the Capuchin Church of the Immaculate Conception. I highly recommend checking out the Capuchin Crypt. Sadly photography was not allowed inside.

walking shadow
Looking down from the window of our Bed and Breakfast in Rome, Italy as the sun was setting.

Sant' Ivo Alla Sapienza

Sfera con Sfera inside the Vatican courtyard.

Next up, Burning Man prints.


dark history

Some photos from the darker parts of my travels in Cambodia. Nearly half the population of Cambodia was wiped out under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

face of genocide
A few of the skulls in the Buddhist stupa at the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

Scan of a print on Ilford Fiber paper. Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800. Scanned in color with a few tweaks to try to recreate the print as it looks to the eye.

on to the next
One of the irrigation rooms at Tuol Sleng Genocide Prison in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

Scan of a print on Ilford Fiber paper. Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 800. Scanned in color with a few tweaks to try to recreate the print as it looks to the eye.


seasia in color

Been spending some time in the color darkroom.

three monks
I was framing this shot of the Royal Palace and these three monks walked around the corner. Could not have worked out better.

Scan of a wet print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Shot on Kodak Portra 800.

dodging motorbikes
Crossing the street in Vietnam is an adventure in itself. Yet after riding a motorbike you somehow find harmony in the chaos. As long as you're in control. I never got passed holding on for deal life on the back of one.

Scan of a wet print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Shot on Kodak Portra 400.

food cart
I found this cart in Bangkok's Chinatown. Street food is huge in this part of the world.

Scan of a wet print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Shot on Kodak Ektar 100.