protesters once again hit the streets in Iran

As expected the streets of Iran exploded today on 18 Tir and the 10 year anniversary of a brutal crackdown against student protesters. This information has been gathered from a very reliable twitter source I have been following since near the beginning of the election. I will also update this throughout the day as I get more information so be sure to check back.

There are reports of protests in the cities of Tehran, Rasht, Ahvāz, Shiraz, Mashhad as well as others. Although unconfirmed it is probable shots were fired in various areas of Tehran. It was later confirmed that protesters were shot at in Azadi Square. Many unlinked sources reported that police were turning on the basij para-military force, who have been responsible for most of the violence in the past month. As this happened people began asking additional police forces to join their cause. It was said that police were disarmed early on in the election conflicts due to their compassion toward the protesters. For the first time the basij began retreating the scene, maybe finally frightened by the will of the people. Families also came out into the streets in cities around Iran once again this is a movement of the people not just the young. Cars all over the streets were also honking horns in support of the protesters. Meanwhile the government cracked down further on communications while showing small groups of protests on state TV.

Opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi is expected to appear at a Mosque in Tehran. The movement appears to be moving past Mousavi and political powers and for the people themselves. Also in a remarkable showing of international solidarity, protesters gathered in front of the Chinese embassy in Tehran in opposition of the recent violence against the ethnic group of Uighurs.

Below are a few of the tweet from user oxfordgirl I based much of this information on.

Rasht, Ahvaz, Shiraz, Mashad all seen lge protests. Chants of death to dictator at some, others silent march. #iranelection #gr88

V large protests Shiraz. More reports of protest in almost every city in Iran & arnd the world. Organised by the ppl 4 the ppl

Unconfirmed: shots heard at Azadi squ. helicopters all over tehran - #iranelection #gr88

Avoid Mirdamad, reports clashes and fire. Unconfirmed but better stay safe. #iranelection #gr88

Getting 2 many reports 2 keep up w/. Clashes all ovr Tehran, protests all ovr Iran. Again Mullahs join protest in Mashad #iranelection

Gunshots heard Keshavarz Blvd and Azadi square. Cannot confirm. report fire Mirdamad. Be careful ppl #iranelection #gr88

Unconfirmed reports: Shots heard Azadi squ, reports of several injured. I cannot confirm. #iranelection #gr88

Appears now there HAS been shooting at protesters at Azadi Squ. Be safe, if it is very rough go to nearest mosque. Pray for the dead. #i ...

Shooting reported Azadi and Enghelab. #iranelection #tehran #gr88

Reports; Families coming out together,. Babol , Kerman, Ahvaz , Rasht, Tabriz, Shiraz, Hamadan, kerman #iranelection #gr88

V, V unconfirmed report that police have turned on basij. Treat with caution, but something like this had been expected. #iranelection

Sources: The fire at Mirdamad was at the metro. Some report shop windows smashed - by basij - #iranelection #gr88

Mousavi expected to appear at Mosque in Tehran this evening - have no other details. #iranelection #gr88

I cannot confirm reports police fire on basij, but coming in from many unlinked sources. Would be incredible. #iranelection #gr88

Report : ppl protesting in front of Chinese embassy in Tehran #iranelection #gr88

ppl asking police to join them as news spreads of unconfirmed reports that police fired on Basij in Tehran today #iranelection #gr88

Basij reported to be in retreat for first time, perhaps not happy being led by Khamenei son?! #iranelection #gr88

Gov jamming communications from provinces more effectively that in tehran. #iranelection #gr88

Iran Tv showing this morning footage to show 'no protests' except small group near Uni. We know better #iranelection #gr88

Mousavi dnt giv up, we dont need another political party. Power is always in the hands of the ppl & they will grasp power. #iranelection

No more political parties, step up and lead the ppl Mousavi or they will take power for themselves. This country is on brink #iranelection

Cars everywhere r honking their horns in support of the protesters #iranelection