I have about 6 rolls of film I've been meaning to upload from a trip I took a little while ago. Finally got them developed and scanned, now to sort through them and clean them up for web use. In the meantime here's one of my favorite shots from the trip. It's at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago. This is a scan of an 8x10 print.

It scans a little weird so I'll have to play with my scanner settings some to get it right. This was shot with my leica iiic on kodak tri-x.


momphotographer said...

wow! awesome shot! I had the chance to print photos in the darkroom a few years ago, and it was great experience... wish I could do it more often!

eurodiego said...

thanks! yeah, wish i'd tried it earlier. there's a place in the city where I've been taking a class. they have dark rooms you could use for hourly and monthly rates.