going retro

I recently got in my hands a Leica IIIc circa 1940. I was told it's a rare wartime model and has been in my family for four generations. I've known this camera has been sitting in a closet at my mom's house for quite a while. A few months ago, something led me to want to try shooting film and this seemed like the perfect camera. It's not in the best shape, but I'm highly impressed by the quality of the shots I've taken. There's just something great about the simplicity of this camera. No light meter, no batteries, no auto settings. It's the complete opposite of my DSLR in so many ways.


Anonymous said...

very cool. I've been thinking about buying one. But I want to buy ZENIT!

Benjamin said...

Back in your blog for a nice post. Great views, great camera, great man ;)
see you
Ben - Paris

Jakub said...

Ewa, you should. Film is a lot of fun. I have a russian rangefinder at my mom's house, too. I think it's a zorki.

Ben, thanks. Hope all is well.

Mom Photographer said...

I used to have ZENIT-E. That's how I got into photography. It was back in Poland when I was in college. This camera is still in my parents house but I don't want to ask them to send it to me because last time they sent something it didn't get here - it didn't get anywhere... I mean I bet it's soemwhere but not when it supose to be... bummmer!