news roundup

Got no time to really write a post, so here are some worthwhile links:

US funds dry up for Iran rights watchdog - Federal funding denied for watchdog group that investigated abuses of protesters after this summer's disputed presidential election in Iran.

Price of gold soars on report of Arab states ditching dollar - The dollar will no longer be the currency tied to the price of gold.

Voices against the G20 - Report of protests and activities during the G20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

House cuts workweek to 2 1/2 days - Congress gets lazier.

Progressivism? Not so fast, folks - Dummest thing I've read all week. But it's like a train wreck, you just can't look away.

From Frontline, Obama's War - If it's like Bush's War, it's definetely worth a watch. Still haven't watched this preview.

Mom's designated driver: her 13-year-old son - And for the story that makes you go 'what the fuck?'

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