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Just after I flew over my handlebars and went head first into the street there was one thought in my head as I was getting up. I hope I don't have to go to the hospital cause I don't have any health insurance. It was one of those moments where the stupidity of the health care system just hits you. The fact that people have to make this decision all the time, weighing financial stability against their health.

A few weeks ago Sensen No Sen, a political blog I regularly read had a great three parter on the health care crisis and how it might change in the years to come. The posts are well researched and cited. The first part addressed the problems with the current system. In 2007 18% of the population has no healthcare, of those 80% being citizens. Yet the United States spends a larger portion of its GDP than any other industrialized nation, while 37th in the World Health Organizations ranking of the world's health systems.

Part 2 looks at the different options on the table, although mentioning how single payer has been rejected, and does not go into it in detail. Most proposals are mandated healthcare from the insurance companies which is far from universal when you're forced to buy a horrible product. The best option on the table is that with a government funded public option, and while it's included in the House Bill, the Senate Bill does not include it.

Part 3 explains how the health care industry is an oligopoly and the reasonings why we will not have low priced, market driven health care. I would have liked to see more analysis on a single payer system. I don't really see it as a realistic option these days with the millions the health care industry spends on lobbying in this country. Where are those lobbying reforms Obama promised us anyway?

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