possible election results leaked showing fraud

UPDATE: A quick timeline of events. Workers strike called for Tuesday. BBC ordered to leave Iran and officials attempt to arrest BBC crew but are stopped by protesters. Hospitals being surrounded by Iranian forces not allowing treatment to injured protesters.

Twitter is the main source of information coming from Iran now. From what I read the only way to shut down twitter is to shut down the internet itself. I don't know why but I'm really curious to the technical aspects of this. There are lots of proxy servers being set up outside Iran to help the cause. From reports SMS is down and the internet is extremely slow. Here are some other things I've gathered up, mostly from Fark. They appear to have database issues now, but there is a new thread superseding the one I posted earlier. Check Fark Politics for the latest thread.

From Telegraph:

The statistics, circulated on Iranian blogs and websites, claimed Mr Mousavi had won 19.1 million votes while Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had won only 5.7 million.

The two other candidates, reformist Mehdi Karoubi and hardliner Mohsen Rezai, won 13.4 million and 3.7 million respectively. The authenticity of the leaked figures could not be confirmed.

I'm sure in time we'll find out if these are valid or not.

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I wonder what the US response will be to this. Obama is being impartial now. Mousavi would likely open Iran up to new foreign markets which would be in US business interests, but then Iran wouldn't be the great threat they are now. Although I don't know what Mousavi's stance on Israel is. This could go much further though. There has been a call for Supreme Leader Khamenei to step down. I'm not sure which organization this is coming from, but the demands are:

1. Remove Khamenei from supreme leader
2. Remove Ahmadinejad because he took it forcefully and unlawfully
3. Put Ayatollah Monazeri as supreme leader until a review of the constitution is set up
4. Recognize Mousavi as official president
5. Let Mousavi rule as the constitution is reformed
6. Free all political prisoners, immediately
7. Call off all secret militia and offices

What would the reform of the constitution mean? How big of a part do the working class play in these protests? Could this be a workers revolution? If it looks like the people are trying to take power, and not one bourgeois group from another you will probably see the US get involved to 'assist' with the revolution. We'll see how this unfolds.

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