from the city where you put flowers in your hair

I spent most of the day sorting through pictures I've taken over the past month. Some of my favorites, all from various parts of San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

Man thas racist y u gotta take pictures of black guys sitting around n shit thas fucked up

Jakub said...

how's this racist? if it were a white guy, or mexican guy, or anything, i would have taken a picture of him, too. if anything, i'd like it to highlight the homeless problem in this city and the united states. i don't see how this photo implies he is just 'sitting around' or lazy. i would hope the coloring and mood of this to highlight the pain this man must go through on a daily basis due to his situation.

Anonymous said...

ya but it wasn't a white guy, of all the white homless guys u picked the one black guy then call him a lazy homless mexican when ppl call you a racist, thas fucked up dogg