don't be fooled by the CA special election: vote NO

The other day I decided to read up on the propositions for the California Special Election being held Tuesday May 19th. You can read the propositions here:

Proposition 1A
Proposition 1B
Proposition 1C
Proposition 1D
Proposition 1E
Proposition 1F

I couldn't believe what I was reading. It truly reads like a scam. I spoke to a few people who had read over the propositions and they agreed with me. The state senate and assembly have voted near unilaterally for these propositions when all they do is CUT SOCIAL SERVICES AND EDUCATION! Let's look at the propositions. Remember, this is only my interpretation and opinion of these propositions and I offer it as a recommendation. Read the propositions yourself, do some research and make up your mind.

1A: vote NO. This proposition makes the budget more complicated, extends the current temporary tax increases another two years, and gives the governor authority to make cost-of-living adjustments without the legislature.

1B: vote YES. The reason I say to vote yes on this one is that it only applies with 1A passes. If 1A passes it guarantees a certain amount of funds from 1A to be used for education. I heard this one only appeared on the ballot as a compromise with the teachers unions. Tying this to 1A is not the way to restore funding to legislature and this measure is a way to push people to vote for 1A.

1C: vote NO. Currently lottery funds must be used for education. This proposition would allow the state to borrow $5 billion from lottery funds and would allow them to borrow more in the future. In effect this is a cut to education. From the proposition text: "These changes also would affect both the funding of educational institutions and the state General Fund."

1D: vote NO. This proposition sells itself that it "[p]rovides more than $600 million to protect children's programs in difficult economic times." It's this kind of deception that is so sickening with this special election. In reality this significantly cuts money from the First 5 program that helps with school readiness and health access for children, along with giving county funds that could be used for substance abuse and mental health services, providing basic family needs, child development and child health. This is funded by tobacco taxes. The proposition would deeply cut these services and the proposal does not mention how this $600 million would protect children's programs.

1E: vote NO. Similar to 1D, this one cuts mental health programs. Due to these cuts state and local governments "could incur added costs for homeless shelters, social service programs, medical care, law enforcement, and county jail and state prison operations." That's directly from the proposition text. Some of this funding is also matched federally, so those federal funds would be lost as well.

1F: vote NO. Proposition 1F claims to prevent many state officials from receiving pay raises when the budget is in a deficit. I was unclear on this one and did some further reading and found out that this is not the way to do this. It should be fishy enough that it received unanimous agreement from the senate and assembly. It creates an illusion that the government is being responsible with their own funds.

The truth is other than 1C (that borrows $5 billion from the lottery) these propositions to little to close the budget gap. They are just a way to cut social services from those that need them most. Why not raise taxes on the rich or cut one of many programs that are actually not needed. If these proposals pass, it is just a way for the legislature to put blame on the voters when the truth of these is discovered. Don't be fooled and remember to VOTE!

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